Train with the best athletes in the world at the RTP Swim Camp in Germany!

Olympic Medalist – 1500m Freestyle
World Record – 1500m Freestyle
World Champion

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The swim camp will be held by Sarah Wellbrock. She is a very experienced professional swimmer, not only International Record Holder but also Olympian. Next to the session in the water after a warm-up session there will enough time to place all the questions you have in a Q&A session as well as getting autographs and selfies.

Pool: Schwimmhalle Olvenstedt, Johannes-Göderitz-Straße 113, 39130 Magdeburg, Germany

RTP Swim Camp – Freestyle will take place from 01:00pm until 04:00pm.

The swim camp is perfect for kids and young adults between 11 and 17 years of age who are ambitious swimmers. Please come to the swim camp with everything you would also have ready during a practice, including the equipment like boards, fins and paddles. Approximately a week before the camp you will receive an email with all the final information. Each camp costs 99 Euro per person. We also recommend signing up for the newsletter because there are more camps coming up.